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Web radio of Ano Vrilissia,Athens, Greece, with music lots of music! News, local news for the suburbs of Vrilissia,Halandri and Pendeli, sports and many more to come! In a short time of period we will begin our live broadcasts. For now you can listen to music 24 hours a day. We play rock, pop, balads, Dance, Hip Hop, Regaeton, and many more kinds of music.

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Title: Ano Vrilissia Radio
Description: Radio station of Ano Vrilissia
Genre: Various
Bitrate: 64

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Through this page you can communicate with us, make your comments for our program, ask of a specific song and we will play it for you as soon as possible!
For the time being our station plays a 24 7/7 programm with various songs. Our live broadcasts are coming soon!

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Ano Vrilissia Radio

Soon we will give you a phone number for direct contact with us.

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